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Mahasale wishes all its users a Happy and safe Diwali.Diwali has been the biggest festival across all regions of India and when it comes to Diwali, shopping has been one of the important parts of celebrating Diwali. With online shopping becoming more famous, people tend to shop online app, here are main aspects of Diwali shopping.

1)Diwali Clothes:

Diwali starts with purchasing of new clothes for entire family, here are some of the good options to try this Diwali for purchasing clothes online www.flipkart.com/diwali-fashion-offer-store, www.amazon.in


Bursting crackers and lighting of fireworks is done by all age groups from kids through adults, with advancement in technology, different types fireworks are being introduced new every year by fireworks manufacturing companies.Here are some latest one and where to buy them online for this Diwali Standard Fireworks: www.standardfireworks.in Ayyan Crackers: www.ayyanonline.com Peacock Fireworks: www.peacockcrackers.com

3)Diwali Sweets:

Sweets are part and parcel of our Diwali celebrations, each region/state, and even city has unique varieties of sweets in India, there are multiple options to buy sweets online and let’s view those: www.bigbasket.com/pc/branded-foods/indian-sweets/ www.nativespecial.com www.ghasitaram.in

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